Geometry Dash: The Game Driven By Players

Thousands of games have been built for the digital platform. Some you can play online and a few offline too. Each of these games is really interesting to play. Playing these games is a good pastime for many. Some play different games each time while others stick to playing only game as this game becomes their favorite.

Playing this becomes a habit with them and why not. Some of the games are so interesting and have some really appealing features that anyone will get enticed by the game.

The more you play more you crave for it

One such game that has taken people of all ages by storm is geometry dash. People who have tried it love playing it and they crave to play more and more of it daily. Such is the impact it has on the people.

Then how do you play this game geometry dash and what is so special about it that so many people are obsessed with it? They play it day in and day out and never tire of doing so.


Rhythm based game

This is a rhythm based game. It was first released in 2013 by RobTop Games for $1.99 for the iOS and Android platforms. Later after a year or so it was developed for a new platform steam for $3.99. This was because it became so popular that the makers wished that even those who did not have a smart phone should be able to play it.

You can download this platform on your device for free and you can start gaming. It is real fun to play this game geometry dash on any of these platforms.


Different versions of the game

Then to expand its base more a lighter version was created. This can be played on mobile devices. Known as the geometry dash world and geometry dash meltdown these have fewer features and have free expansions too. They also include a few exclusive levels. You can play whichever version interests you.

How do you play this game?

Another special feature of this game is that the player can take different forms or entities which can have unique mechanics like a ball, cube or even a UFO. The player should try to navigate via a sequence of interactive obstacles which are behavior manipulating portals using one touch game play.

When they progress to reach the end of the level crashing is not allowed. If you crash you start all over again. The exciting and lilting soundtrack plays all along while you are completing the levels in the game. This is an interesting element which enhances the interest in the game further.

Another fascination feature of geometry dash is that as the players play the game they can create their own levels thus letting the players drive the game. This kind of a feature is not found in many types of games.

This is one of the key traits that draw the players to the game. They can articulate their creation. Thus it is the users that drive the game. This is different from other developers that will go no further than seeking the feedback about the features the users would like to have in the future versions of the game.

With such a facility the geometry dash has about 500000 and more custom stages.

Is it not a great feature to have in a game?




Watch Movie at Home

Movie enthusiasts are offended by people who do not watch a movie in cinema halls and rather watch it at home on TV or mobiles. According to them, the magic of movie theatres cannot descend into the small screen televisions or mobile in our living rooms. The essence of movie matching is lost when you don’t watch it in theatres.

The surround sound, loud loudspeakers, visual effects, 3-D animations, the bright and colorful costumes, the ultimate action sequence- all look teeny-tiny and squeezed of drama and juice when watched on TV.

But then, one has to travel to the theatres, wait in queues to get inside the halls or to get snacks during intermission or for washrooms. Sometimes parking takes a lot of time. Invest money in movies, snacks, parking, and fuel, why not watch a movie from the comfort of the home. No driving, no waiting, no hassles and no buying expensive snacks.

Money and time are saved and you can relax and enjoy entertainment to the fullest. Wear comfortable pajamas, eat your favorite snacks, and take breaks whenever you want, skip advertisement and replay favorite scenes again and again.

Watch movies at home

Now one can watch movies at home on satellite TV. However, movies which you want to see may not be telecasted on TV channels. Don’t worry, there are options available now to watch your desired movies at home. If you have an internet connection at home, you can watch movies using apps like Cinema Box HD or Netflix.

Decide on whether you want to enjoy the movie on your own. If watching on your own, movie selection can be totally your choice. If you are planning on inviting friends over and watch as a group, then you have to show some flexibility in movie selection as per others liking. Watching movies with friends and family gives a bonding time and add a lot of contagious laughter to comedy scenes.

Now decide on the media where you wish to watch the movie. It could be on TV or computer or mobile or projector. Of course, when watching in groups, mobile app option goes out of the window.

No, not really! Mobile apps like Cinema Box HD support Chromecast. Chromecast is a media streaming device. It is plugged into the HDMI port of your TV. It streams movies or videos through mobile device onto the TV. For watching a movie on a projector, you will have to take care of proper lighting and projection wall and projector set-up requirements.

You have to rush out of theatres immediately and evacuate the campus after the movie is over. However, when watching a movie at home, one can sit leisurely and discuss the movie at length each one taking turns expressing their expert opinions on the movie performances and storyline.

Watching a good movie is a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Watching a movie in a theatre is a difficult task with kids, aged people, and restless friends. Enjoy better flexibility and comfort and watch movies at home.

5 Games to help you relax

Gaming is fun. It is a great way to pass your time and rejuvenate yourself. Your mobile app store provides you with several gaming options- from puzzles to action-packed games and what not. Today, we are going to tell you about the games that will not only keep you thoroughly entertained but will help you relax as well. These games are perfect to help you relieve your stress and enjoy yourself.


  1. Zen Koi


This is probably the most relaxing game ever. In this game, you will let your Koi in a quaint little pond that contains edible organisms and calming flower petals. The music of this game is so soothing that you will instantly feel the stress leaving you. You just have to let your Koi swim around eating those organisms and growing big. As the game progresses, the speed and agility of your Koi will also increase and once he is big enough, you can breed your Koi and produce unique offspring that are quite exotic to look at.

Platform – iOS/Android


  1. AbyssRium

With a beautiful design and some comforting music, this game surely relaxes you and how! This game is very easy to play and it is the story of a small young corallite who is extremely lonely. When you start playing this game you will instantly feel that loneliness, as the ocean is completely empty. The whole point of this game is for you to help that young corallite overcome its loneliness by putting all the plants, sea creatures and corals with it. This game also features VR mode, which makes it even more exciting.

Platform – iOS/Android


  1. Smash Hit

There is something so relaxing about breaking glass that you feel like doing it again and again. This game lets you do that. The whole point of the game is to wreck everything. Once you start the game, you are given a metal ball and you need to throw it at a target and if you are successful, you are given a certain number of metal balls and you play till these balls last. Use a headphone while playing this game to enjoy the audio effects.

Platform – iOS/Android


  1. Prune

A simple game that is so serene and peaceful, prune was awarded the ‘TIME magazine game of the year’ in 2015. It doesn’t have too much of animation, it is minimalistic, yet beautiful, like a piece of art. In this game, you must grow a tree despite all the obstacles you will encounter. You will have to carefully nurture it and protect it for a healthy growth. As the flower blooms, you will rise up to the next level. The music of this game is so perfect that it enhances the feel of the game.

Platform – iOS/Android


  1. Monument Valley

This is an indie puzzle game with pretty animation and gameplay. The main character of this game is Princess Ida, who journeys though mazes and illusions.

She is on a quest to be forgiven for something. The puzzles in this game are a good exercise for your brain and as you solve them, you feel a sense of satisfaction, which is great. It will keep you engaged for hours as the puzzles are not very difficult and they make you feel peaceful.  The music of the game has a meditative quality to it which just builds up the feel of the game.

Platform – iOS/Android

Apple Opens Up For App Feedback from Customers

The inability to reply to customer inquiry by its developers has now been overcome by Apple on the app store and Mac App store.

The latest developer manual indicates that the iOS 10.3 beta software launch, in their latest handset, will also entail the developers to ask for inquiry in different ways in combination with the questions posted publicly on its app. The android developers on the other hand, always had an upper hand, since they were able to respond to the customer inquiries on Google play for a long time.

The problem with the system of review and ratings of Apple, has been lingering for a long time, as the system was outdated and has been a reason for the irritation of its maker and users alike.

The system could not respond to the negative feedback of users, which was a major setback for its developers as other users can also see the feedback and the developers couldn’t reply to the criticism and resolve the issue.

For instance, a user facing a problem related to an app was resolved, but the inability to inform the user about it, must have stopped many users from using the app as the reviews remained unanswerable.

Additionally, the public grievances give a negative impression to the users and effect business as many people read about the reviews before getting a new app. The feedback also serves as a report card to know about the activeness of the developers and the support they provide to the application.

These comments support the download or purchase decision of the user and whether the app is worth investing. In this competitive world, when a new app is getting developed on a daily basis, it becomes mandatory to keep the system updated.

The development by Apple will serve as a welcome change, as the company is also taking efforts to introduce a pristine way to ask for feedback in iOS 10.3.

The development of the modern API will empower the developers to direct the users to rate or evaluate the app in the course of their usage, without being diverted to the App repository. This will enhance the user experience as it will not force the user to rate the app the moment it is being opened.

The developers have been aiming to have reviews also because these positive ratings, aids in the maintenance of good rank which cheer more downloads.

The users have had a horrible experience while rating apps as they have been often blocked in the midst of, using an app and asked to come back to the app store, where the mandatory sign in to the apple account is desired. Only when they have successfully signed in they are allowed to share their feedback.

The latest API will enhance the user experience and the app makers will be able to regulate the timing when they want to have a review of their user.

The latest report from Jim Dalrymple of “The Loop”, suggest that the changes will only allow the developers to ask review thrice in a year. The user who has already registered their review can’t be asked again for a feedback. In addition to that, there will be an option to switch off notifications related to app reviews in the Apple settings.

The developer needs to address another feature in the new iOS, which is the new Apple File System, APFS; the feature first appeared in the Sierra 10.12 beta.

The APFS is designed to boost the devices with solid storage, provide strong encryption and manage free hard drive space. The new iOS will offer its customer features like Siri integration with apps, cricket scores and more.