5 Games to help you relax

Gaming is fun. It is a great way to pass your time and rejuvenate yourself. Your mobile app store provides you with several gaming options- from puzzles to action-packed games and what not. Today, we are going to tell you about the games that will not only keep you thoroughly entertained but will help you relax as well. These games are perfect to help you relieve your stress and enjoy yourself.


  1. Zen Koi


This is probably the most relaxing game ever. In this game, you will let your Koi in a quaint little pond that contains edible organisms and calming flower petals. The music of this game is so soothing that you will instantly feel the stress leaving you. You just have to let your Koi swim around eating those organisms and growing big. As the game progresses, the speed and agility of your Koi will also increase and once he is big enough, you can breed your Koi and produce unique offspring that are quite exotic to look at.

Platform – iOS/Android


  1. AbyssRium

With a beautiful design and some comforting music, this game surely relaxes you and how! This game is very easy to play and it is the story of a small young corallite who is extremely lonely. When you start playing this game you will instantly feel that loneliness, as the ocean is completely empty. The whole point of this game is for you to help that young corallite overcome its loneliness by putting all the plants, sea creatures and corals with it. This game also features VR mode, which makes it even more exciting.

Platform – iOS/Android


  1. Smash Hit

There is something so relaxing about breaking glass that you feel like doing it again and again. This game lets you do that. The whole point of the game is to wreck everything. Once you start the game, you are given a metal ball and you need to throw it at a target and if you are successful, you are given a certain number of metal balls and you play till these balls last. Use a headphone while playing this game to enjoy the audio effects.

Platform – iOS/Android


  1. Prune

A simple game that is so serene and peaceful, prune was awarded the ‘TIME magazine game of the year’ in 2015. It doesn’t have too much of animation, it is minimalistic, yet beautiful, like a piece of art. In this game, you must grow a tree despite all the obstacles you will encounter. You will have to carefully nurture it and protect it for a healthy growth. As the flower blooms, you will rise up to the next level. The music of this game is so perfect that it enhances the feel of the game.

Platform – iOS/Android


  1. Monument Valley

This is an indie puzzle game with pretty animation and gameplay. The main character of this game is Princess Ida, who journeys though mazes and illusions.

She is on a quest to be forgiven for something. The puzzles in this game are a good exercise for your brain and as you solve them, you feel a sense of satisfaction, which is great. It will keep you engaged for hours as the puzzles are not very difficult and they make you feel peaceful.  The music of the game has a meditative quality to it which just builds up the feel of the game.

Platform – iOS/Android