Watch Movie at Home

Movie enthusiasts are offended by people who do not watch a movie in cinema halls and rather watch it at home on TV or mobiles. According to them, the magic of movie theatres cannot descend into the small screen televisions or mobile in our living rooms. The essence of movie matching is lost when you don’t watch it in theatres.

The surround sound, loud loudspeakers, visual effects, 3-D animations, the bright and colorful costumes, the ultimate action sequence- all look teeny-tiny and squeezed of drama and juice when watched on TV.

But then, one has to travel to the theatres, wait in queues to get inside the halls or to get snacks during intermission or for washrooms. Sometimes parking takes a lot of time. Invest money in movies, snacks, parking, and fuel, why not watch a movie from the comfort of the home. No driving, no waiting, no hassles and no buying expensive snacks.

Money and time are saved and you can relax and enjoy entertainment to the fullest. Wear comfortable pajamas, eat your favorite snacks, and take breaks whenever you want, skip advertisement and replay favorite scenes again and again.

Watch movies at home

Now one can watch movies at home on satellite TV. However, movies which you want to see may not be telecasted on TV channels. Don’t worry, there are options available now to watch your desired movies at home. If you have an internet connection at home, you can watch movies using apps like Cinema Box HD or Netflix.

Decide on whether you want to enjoy the movie on your own. If watching on your own, movie selection can be totally your choice. If you are planning on inviting friends over and watch as a group, then you have to show some flexibility in movie selection as per others liking. Watching movies with friends and family gives a bonding time and add a lot of contagious laughter to comedy scenes.

Now decide on the media where you wish to watch the movie. It could be on TV or computer or mobile or projector. Of course, when watching in groups, mobile app option goes out of the window.

No, not really! Mobile apps like Cinema Box HD support Chromecast. Chromecast is a media streaming device. It is plugged into the HDMI port of your TV. It streams movies or videos through mobile device onto the TV. For watching a movie on a projector, you will have to take care of proper lighting and projection wall and projector set-up requirements.

You have to rush out of theatres immediately and evacuate the campus after the movie is over. However, when watching a movie at home, one can sit leisurely and discuss the movie at length each one taking turns expressing their expert opinions on the movie performances and storyline.

Watching a good movie is a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Watching a movie in a theatre is a difficult task with kids, aged people, and restless friends. Enjoy better flexibility and comfort and watch movies at home.