Geometry Dash: The Game Driven By Players

Thousands of games have been built for the digital platform. Some you can play online and a few offline too. Each of these games is really interesting to play. Playing these games is a good pastime for many. Some play different games each time while others stick to playing only game as this game becomes their favorite.

Playing this becomes a habit with them and why not. Some of the games are so interesting and have some really appealing features that anyone will get enticed by the game.

The more you play more you crave for it

One such game that has taken people of all ages by storm is geometry dash. People who have tried it love playing it and they crave to play more and more of it daily. Such is the impact it has on the people.

Then how do you play this game geometry dash and what is so special about it that so many people are obsessed with it? They play it day in and day out and never tire of doing so.


Rhythm based game

This is a rhythm based game. It was first released in 2013 by RobTop Games for $1.99 for the iOS and Android platforms. Later after a year or so it was developed for a new platform steam for $3.99. This was because it became so popular that the makers wished that even those who did not have a smart phone should be able to play it.

You can download this platform on your device for free and you can start gaming. It is real fun to play this game geometry dash on any of these platforms.


Different versions of the game

Then to expand its base more a lighter version was created. This can be played on mobile devices. Known as the geometry dash world and geometry dash meltdown these have fewer features and have free expansions too. They also include a few exclusive levels. You can play whichever version interests you.

How do you play this game?

Another special feature of this game is that the player can take different forms or entities which can have unique mechanics like a ball, cube or even a UFO. The player should try to navigate via a sequence of interactive obstacles which are behavior manipulating portals using one touch game play.

When they progress to reach the end of the level crashing is not allowed. If you crash you start all over again. The exciting and lilting soundtrack plays all along while you are completing the levels in the game. This is an interesting element which enhances the interest in the game further.

Another fascination feature of geometry dash is that as the players play the game they can create their own levels thus letting the players drive the game. This kind of a feature is not found in many types of games.

This is one of the key traits that draw the players to the game. They can articulate their creation. Thus it is the users that drive the game. This is different from other developers that will go no further than seeking the feedback about the features the users would like to have in the future versions of the game.

With such a facility the geometry dash has about 500000 and more custom stages.

Is it not a great feature to have in a game?